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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well of course we have the Fay countdown. Which is only 12 days till the due date. And now we have a new countdown to when I will officially stop working for Maternity Leave. I've decided to work through next Friday (week from tomorrow). So I have 7 days of work left including today. That feels pretty good. Its weird to wind down at work but not actually be leaving for good -- knowing that I will be back in 4 short months.

I'm really starting to feel Fay's weight increase this week. My pelvic muscles are really sore when I walk around. I feel like she has gained a little in the past two days. I'm actually sort of shuffling down the street instead of my normal slightly peppy gait. And there's no refusing me a seat on the subway. This morning I made a beeline for an empty seat and missed it by a second when a man sat down. So I just stood there looking at him. Staring actually. All that was going through my head was, you just took my seat. He seemed to agree and got right back up.

Emotionally I feel a little different. I feel like Fay could come ANY day and I am just waiting now. It makes me feel like I don't want to be doing anything else. I guess its SUPER anticipation. Its good that I am working as close to the due date as I am. Because if I were idle at home, I'd just be antsy.

Ryan and I drafted a Birth Plan last night so we can be clear to our doctor and nurses that we don't want any unnecessary medical intervention like epidural, IVs or pitocin. Of course if anything seems wrong or if anyone is in danger, we will take all medical support they offer. But we do want it to be as natural as possible in the best case scenario. This of course will take a little cooperation from Fay. 1) don't get too big! 2) don't sit in there for 10 days after the due date.

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J LO said...

Well, it certainly does seem as if you are in anticipation mode since you are now writing more frequently to the eastriverbaby blog. Keep those fellow subway riders on the straight and narrow as it pertains to very pregnant women!!!