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Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy 1 week Birthday Fay!

mama our little animal

Wow, its already been a week since Fay entered our little family. Sleep was touch and go for a while. I was anxious that if I slept at night I wouldn't hear Fay when she needed me. But Fay proved me wrong. She lets out the cutest little squawks when she needs something -- like boob time. How nice to only need one thing in life to make you happy.

This weekend was our first as parents. We are still adjusting to the fact that we are not going to be going out on the town on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights like we usually do. And mommy was extremely tired as Friday and Saturday nights came around. So even plans for an at home movie night were put on hold for some good sleep time.

Two highlights of the weekend were Fay's first bath and Fay's first outing. Fay's umbilical cord fell off on Friday which is a very good thing because it was beginning to stink and Daddy was a little disgusted by the smell. So much for unconditional love! That was our cue that we could give Fay her first sponge bath.

Daddy steamed up the bathroom to keep Fay warm while in her birthday suit. And he cleaned Fay head to foot. Now she is smelling great! Of course the "bath" ended with a surprise poop just as we were wrapping her up. She had to go back in for another minor bathing touch up. Guess we won't be carrying her around naked anytime soon.

All clean

On Sunday we took a family walk. We got to try out the new stroller, which is light as a feather while you push it (not so much if/when I attempt to carry it up subway stairs) and has amazing maneuverability. Daddy didn't want to let anyone else drive, he enjoyed it so much! Mommy felt the strain of the walk a little bit. After sitting on my tush at home for a week, not to mention giving birth under a week ago, the walk tired me out and reminded me to take it easy for a while. I hate it when your body gets the better of you.

Lowe East Side Daddy

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