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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maternity fashion police

Every day I am more and more eager for Fay to arrive. Though now that I have made it through another work week, I'm hoping she will wait a couple more days. Ryan and I have tickets to the symphony on Friday to which we have never been. So I have told Fay to hold off a couple days and am hoping she is an obedient little girl.

Work is a little weird. Being that I work for a consulting company and am not currently on a client project, there is obviously no hope for me to be put on one in the next couple weeks. So I am "on the bench". The bench can be fun in that I get to do internal projects as well as do some reading on the internet about whatever I'm interested in. I found this new site called yesterday and it makes for pretty entertaining reading. It is AMAZING how many new websites come out every day.

Feeling big now. Most of my maternity tops are getting too small. I caught my belly trying to peak out earlier this week when I walked by a reflective surface. While this may work in Hollywood, its not a good look for work. So I'm trying to keep my bare belly under wraps. Unfortunately, its not something I can really see easily, so I have to keep tugging down my shirt to reassure myself.

I've also found that I can't wear skirts anymore. This is a bummer because skirts are REALLY comfortable. They don't really have a waistband the way pants do, so they are typically much looser. However, most of my skirts are knee length and require me to keep my knees closed when I am in the sitting position. This isn't really happening anymore. Its fairly uncomfortable for me to try to squeeze my hips shut for the benefit of my fellow subway riders or co-workers. Also, with as far down as Fay's head is, I refuse to squish it just for the sake of modesty. Thus, I am a pants girl from here on out. Today I am 37 weeks and 2 days.

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