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Sunday, February 17, 2008

grab something!

I'd much rather suck on my fist

Mommy has been trying to get Fay to grab things lately. Fay really likes to grab onto towels and blankets, but will only occasionally grab onto a toy. I figure its got to be more fun to grab a stuffed animal or rattle, but what do I know. And Fay, as always, shows me who is boss. After successfully getting her to grab onto her chain of rings, she showed me that she would still rather suck on her fists than play with or suck on the rings.

got mommy's hair

And of course when she finally decided to make her move and choose something to grab on to herself, it was a big fistful of Mommy's hair. So Mommy got to hang out on the floor for a while until Fay lost interest in her firm hair grip.

elephant (1 of 2)
elephant (2 of 2)

Lastly, Fay showed Mommy how very interested she was in playing with her purple elephant after Mommy was so kind as to place it on Fay's chest.

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