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Friday, February 29, 2008

enough about me (and happy leap day!)

Grandma Sandy feeds Fay

Well, since this blog is not called East River Mom, I suppose you may be interested in some Fay news to supplement my woes about returning to work. This past weekend Grandma Sandy came to town to get her Fay fix. We had some good times and bad times. Knowing that Fay had to take the bottle again with the impending work week we wanted to make sure she would not reject it. Fay has had a bottle here and there since she was 1 month old. But primarily she has gotten the breast. She's never had a problem feeding from either one until recently. She hasn't had a bottle for about 3 weeks when we were out to brunch with friends and she took it fine. But when Mandy did a trial run day last week Fay was absolutely distraght at being given the bottle. It seems that some of her recent social advancements may be to blame. Maybe she now knows where the milk comes from (mom!) and doesn't want a substitute. Or maybe the slow nipple we've used since month one was not giving her milk fast enough.

So this past weekend we played around with different feeders (grandma and dad) and different nipples (fast flow, and different brands). We've settled on the same ole Platex nursers we've used before but with a fast nipple.

So that was the difficult part of the weekend. The FUN part was watching Fay work on her pre-crawling skills. She has her moments where you think she may just take off crawling! But I'm sure there are months and months before that will happen. Check out her photos though. I'd love to put them in a flip book to see the action move from frame to frame. :)

get those knees under you!

both knees working

lifting belly! at 4 mo

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