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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 months have passed

A little over 4 months have passed since Fay was born. I took some video on her 4 month birthday (Feb 22) so I can look back and see exactly how she was. It sometimes seems like she learns something new each day, so it will be hard to remember each stage exactly.

Even since this video was taken Fay is now grabbing more things. I hadn't put her in her floor gym for a while. Today I put her in it and she grabbed the parrot and the giraffe dangling above her and tried to put each of them in her mouth. Thats a first! Before she just randomly kicked at the animals. :)

Also of note. We had Fay's 4 month check up at the doctor on Monday. She now weighs 14 lbs and is 25 inches long! Big girl. She is also wearing size 2 diapers now if you are interested (I can't image you are).

And next week I officially return to work. 4 months maternity leave is definitely not enough. I'll be on a bench project next week and I will be working 2 days from home and 2 days in the office. So that will make it easier to return. I hope to keep up a schedule similar to that once my actual project starts. We will have to see.


Neil said...

happy birthday fay! bey always loved flying too!

Amity said...

Great video! Rufus watched it four times :) His comments:
"she's such a good girl"
"I know Fay's daddy"

hillham said...

Her little voice is killer!

J LO said...

Makes us feel as if we were there despite the miles.......

Keep it up.

Fay is awesome...........

Love, Nana & Gumpa