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Saturday, March 22, 2008

duh, she's teething

five months today
Rosy "teething" cheeks

Almost minutes after my last post I realized that Fay is waking in the middle of the night because of teething. I already suspected she was teething because she was rubbing her fist back and forth on her gums ferociously for several days. And she has been extra fussy for Mandy this past week. But yesterday was the first day it was obvious she was in pain.

She was gnawing on a toy and must have hit a sensitive spot because she started to cry and was hard to comfort. I think the baby oragel helps. It takes a while, but after applying it she calms down.

Last night was really rough. Fay woke up at 1:30 and kept putting herself back to sleep and then waking again and again and again. Mommy didn't get much sleep.

Also, she woke up with extremely rosy cheeks. I was afraid she was sick on top of the teething. I looked it up online and apparently rosy cheeks are a symptom of teething as well. I tried to capture the cheeks in a photo, but I don't know if you can really get *how* rosy they are.

Also, today, Fay turns 5 months. As far as milestones go....
1) She can roll over but does not do it very often.
2) I think she is on the verge of sitting by herself. Now, if you put her in the sitting position she can lean on her arms for support. But not for very long, and she is still kinda slumped over.
3) Her grabbing dexterity still has a long way to go. Sometimes she grabs for things and just can get the right angle. Also the objects have to be small or thin enough to wrap her little fingers around.
4) She had become a happier baby. Its seemed before that she was quite a serious baby..only giving out smiles occasionally and after much entertainment. Now she smiles all the time, especially for mommy and daddy when they enter the room or surprise her with their presence. And I would say we get laughs 2-3 times a week. I LOVE the laughs.


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Marcila Dare said...

Ouch! She's really having a hard time with her teething. Poor little girl was really in pain, but at least it's a sign that she's growing up just fine.