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Sunday, March 16, 2008

wonderful weekend

one of many shoulder rides

We had a wonderful weekend at Fay's house. The fact that weekends start on Fridays is a pretty good thing in itself. But is was also nice to have Daddy home. Ryan was traveling over the last weekend (Sat - Tues) for work. He hadn't been away since Fay's birth, and I found myself missing him more than usual.

Having a second parent around not only is fun for enjoying Fay together, but I also got out and got some things done that I couldn't without Ryan's help. I got a haircut on Saturday, which feels like the ultimate pampering right now.

While I was pampering, Ryan got some alone time with Fay which was much needed. He's been working so hard lately that he sometimes doesn't get enough time with her on the weekends. And with her bedtime at 7pm, its a race to get home just to spend a few minutes with her while she is exhausted at the end of the day.

I also got to go for a run.

I haven't quite figured out how I am going to fit running into my life now that Fay is here. I used to go running in the morning before work. I like to start the day with a run and a shower, rather than running after work when I'm tired and have a short evening. But, with the nursing, and Fay's inconsistent wakeup times, I really don't see it working into the morning routine. So I may have to move it to after work.

naked and beautiful
Last week my Nanny told me that she likes to have naked time with Fay at the end of the day. Fay really enjoys it, and it helps if she is getting cranky to do things she really enjoys. :) So I tried it out a little this weekend. And boy was it fun. We got a lot of photos and I think they are some of the most beautiful ones we have.


J LO said...

I think someone should be a baby photographer!!! Love these shots.


Jess and Ryan said...

Its not the photographer...its the model. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

This week I scratched my buttocks. It was a good scratch, but not as good as last week’s when I scratched after lunch.

Jess and Ryan said...

I know, not that thrilling of a post. But somehow, getting a haircut seemed like a big deal :)

Jess and Ryan said...

btw, who makes a funny comment and doesn't have the b*lls to sign their name? Joe?