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Friday, March 14, 2008

roll over fay!

Today, just minutes ago, we had a major milestone. Fay rolled from her back to her front....twice!

Fay has rolled from her front to her back in the past. It seems as if she just teeters on her big tummy and rolls over. But to roll from her back to her front is a more complicated endeavor. First she kicks her legs up and rolls to her side (which she has been doing for a month at least). Then she rolls a little more and her left arm seems to be caught underneath her. Then she rolls right over her left arm and onto her tummy! TaDah! The first time she did it she seemed a little startled, and got a little cry face on. But no crying ensued and then she was just happy to be on her tummy. Yay Fay!

We were at another mom's house when this happened surrounded by 5 other mothers and their babies. I got so excited and started clapping and then everyone around started clapping, so Fay had a pretty good audience for her big milestone. I'm hoping I can catch her on video this weekend. Its just so exciting to see her do something that gives her mobility and a first taste of independence.


On other matters. This was my first week back to work. I took it easy, working from home two days and at the office two days. I think that made the week much more tolerable. Though the days that I was home it was difficult not to play with Fay. I ended up working a little more into the evening because I was distracted by my cute little girl. So I will have to learn to be much more disciplined as I move forward if I want to work from home.

Mandy and I have been going through a tough week with Fay's naps. It seems as if she is starting the "protest crying" that I've read about. Meaning, now that she knows who mommy and daddy and Mandy are she is having a really good time playing with us and does not want to take a nap.

This week when we put her down for a nap in her crib, no matter how much soothing or holding or rocking we did, she would just get MAD. Her face got all red and smooshed up and she let out a really good wail. Its almost cute when I put little words into her wailing. I think she is saying "nooooo, mommy please!!! I want to play! Don't make me take a nap! I promise not to yawn or fuss!"

It was hard at first to let her cry because both Mandy and I wanted to pick her up and soothe her...and we did. But it became easier when Fay would not be soothed. Once she became mad (and tired!), there was no more playing to be had anyway. So her crying spells progressively got shorter. And I have to say, an amazing thing happened today. She went down for a nap without more than a slight "waa?".

This morning for her first nap, she cried for 5 min and then sorta talked for 15 min. Then for the 2nd nap, she just talked a little for about 10 min. Then, just now, after a very exciting afternoon of being outside and socializing with babies AND rolling over! I put her in her crib after about 5 min of holding/dancing with some nice music, and she made a slight noise (couldn't even be considered a fuss), and promptly closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Hopefully I'm not jinxing us by boasting on the blog. I don't expect her to welcome naps. But it seems like another milestone for me. Perhaps a mommy milestone.

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