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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Seeking Nannies

Bumbo intrigued
Fay sitting in a Bumbo. What is a Bumbo? I believe it is a device for taking REALLY CUTE photos.

I haven't written in soooo long. This is mostly due to one thing. I've been spending all waking/napping (me awake, Fay napping) hours searching for a Nanny for Fay. I never anticipated it to be soooo exhausting. I think it is more difficult than I thought because I have such limited time to work on the search. I have to sneak in an email, reference check or phone interview when Fay is either napping or entertaining herself.

I've been using multiple resources -- friend's referrals, craigslist, and this site I found called sittercity. Before this week I had looked for two weeks and I had only found one nanny that I really liked. She doesn't have a ton of experience in the under 1 year ages. However, she is smart, kind, youthful, and was really good with Fay.

This week I've been really working the sittercity site. And I was getting pretty disappointed. The sitters on that site seem to be pretty young over all and not highly educated. Or if they are more educated, they seem to charge A LOT. But then I may be used to the lower rates charged by nyc nannies that prefer to be paid in cash.

But I had a really good reply today and I have two in person interviews tomorrow. If I find time to blog I will tell you how they went. One of the girls is from Argentina and one if from Ohio. I think I have a thing for midwesterners. :)

In the meantime we have taken some adorable photos of Fay. I guess that is mostly to her credit. Its hard to take a bad photo of her. Well except for in the early days. :)

A week ago we had one of Ryan's friends from work over with his wife and 8 month old boy. Damien is exactly 5 months older than Fay. They got along famously, except when Fay tried to steal Damien's mommy....

but, I'm your baby!

Fay had also been making some daring fashion choices lately. You know at that 3 month mark you have to start giving babies a little freedom to dress themselves and choose their own hairstyles. Fay is big into fashion Ts, jeans, and you guessed it, mullets.

Mullet Fay

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